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Starting the New Year Off Correctly

For Secretaries and Worshipful Masters dues hold an annual dual-sided promise:

As we approach the new year, I stopped to contemplate dues.  That Freemasonry requires dues on its face is nothing different than any other organization: e.g., Ruritan, Lions. Rotary Clubs and professional organizations. The responsibility from a member to the organization, to be split between local and national/state organizations. The baseline financial resources to pay the bills and routine operations. Yet, on a higher level there is more to it. 

Many Brothers choose to use Life Membership in Perpetuity, paying 16 year's dues into an annuity which pays the Grand Lodge of Virginia and your Lodge perpetually, as a means to ensure their masonic obligations are paid now and forever.

In summary, if you have the means I urge you to make your first check of the year to be your Masonic dues. Enjoy the new year with a clear conscience. If you are strapped where the dues (generally under $8 per month, varying by Lodge) would force hard choices in life then please have a candid talk with your Secretary, a trusted mentor or friend.