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Franklin Lodge No. 151 met in open Lodge Monday night, 22 November, to make presentations to seven new Eagle Scouts of Franklin Troops 7 and 125. The Eagle Scout is the highest award any Boy Scout can earn.


Front--Eddie Phillips  
First row--Ben Scarboro, Justin McHenry, Thomas Fox, Forrest Hart, Zachary Gurganus.
Second row--Josh Turner,   WM Wor. Welton Deshields,  Sec Wor. Kenny Gay.
Back Row-- Rt. Wor. DDGM  Greg Jackson,  JW Bro. Jim  Hart.
Not pictured-Richard Poland.

The new Eagles Scouts included:
  • Thomas Fox
  • Zachart Gurganus
  • Forrest Hart
  • Justin McHenry
  • Ben Scarboro
  • Josh Turner
  • Richard Poland (absent)

Each Scout received a custom paperweight, a letter and certificate from the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia.
Franklin Lodge No. 151
Builders’ Award 2010
Eddie Philips

Franklin Lodge No. 151 met in open Lodge Monday, 22 November to present it's Community Builders' Award--presented annually to a non-Mason who represents the keen morals and integrity found in all Freemasons.
L->R: WM Wor. L.Welton Deshields, Eddie Phillips, and Sec Wor. Kenneth Gay

Eddie's Exceptional List of Contributions:

Wor. Master Welton Deshields accepts a plaque from Bro. Steve Jones honoring all current and retired Virginia State Policemen who are members of the Franklin Masonic Lodge No151 A.F. & A.M.    Looking on are other Virginia State Police members:  Bro. Joe Carr (L) and Rt. Wor.  Greg Jackson (R).   Those names appearing on the plaque are Bro. William O'Brien (50 year member),  Bro. Braxton Bell, Greg Jackson, Bro. Steve Jones and Bro. Joe Carr.
Every wonder why our minutes show two dates: the current date (Anno Domini or "In the Year of our Lord") and another, listed as "A.L." some 4,000 years greater? So many Brothers overlook this piece of Masonic trivia. As always there may be more than one option lost in the hazy fog of history and tradition:
  • Ernest Beha, via the Grand Lodge of Iowa1, cites A.L. as standing for Anno Lucis, Latin for "In the Year of Light". Stemming from Genesis 1:3 ("And God said let there be light: and there was light"2), the early beginning of the world was generally believed to be 4,000 years before the birth of the Lord.
  • Bro. Mendoza3 provides a comprehensive history of the term. His history shows usage as early as 926 AD of "Anno Latomorum" or "In the Year of Stone Cutters", or "In the Year of Masons".
  • The revered Dr. Albert Mackey4 also cites Anno Lucis, as a philosophical myth tying the idea of masonic enlightenment to the creation of physical light at the creation of the universe (again a Genesis 1:3 link).
  • The Constitution of Masonry, as adopted by the Grand Lodge of Virginia 17915 does not mention the term "A.L.".
So how to summarize the real meaning. Bro. Mendoza ends his 3,500-word discourse by concluding (rationally) that although the A.L. may have truely been used for "Anno Latomorum", or "In the year of Masons"; it has been adopted by freemasonry from England in the more speculative version of "In the Year of Light" (Anno Lucis).

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Franklin Lodge will conduct its annual Bar-B-Que on Saturday, Oct 23 from 2 pm to 5 pm. The BBQ will be $7 per pound sold as take out only for pick-up at the American Legion Hall on Armory Drive (across form the skate park). Tickets are available from any Franklin Mason or at Fenter's State Farm Office at 204 Stewart Drive (562-5551).
Update: The Franklin Masonic Lodge completed over 30 child ID packages for parents during the festival. 

Franklin Lodge No. 151 A.F.&A.M. will host an open house and perform Child Identification during Franklin's Fall Festival Saturday Oct 2, 2010 from 10 am to 5 pm. Franklin Lodge is at 309 N Main Street in Franklin.

Child Identification is a program sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Virginia to provide parents with a comprehensive child identification service at no cost to them. The program allows for fingerprinting, key identifying information that the parents keep should a child be lost or taken. The parent retains all the information. The nationwide Masonic public service effort has been lauded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The open house will include tours, discussion on the meaning of freemasonry, and provide question answers. For more information, contact the Lodge Secretary.