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Corinthian Lodge in Concord Mass found Masonic Jewels they believe were made by Paul Revere, the states first Grand Master. The 2 min video from WVCB Channel 5 Boston is available here.
Bro. Hart, Wor. Deshields, and Bro. Lupton
[L-->R Bro. Jim Hart, Wor. L. Welton Deshields, and Bro. George Lupton]

On 13 May, 2010 Franklin Lodge presented two awards at its Stated Communications from the Grand Lodge of Virginia.  Bro. George Lupton received a 50-year Masonic Anniversary Award denoting exceptionally faithful service and fraternity. Bro. Jim Hart, the current Junior Warden, received a Lifetime Membership in Perpuity award.  His contribution ensures future financial stability to both Lodge and Grand Lodge. Congradulations, Brothers, no more dues for either of you.
A Grand Lodge Edict on "What Constitutes a Masonic Offense" and "Suspension Pending Trial" has been issued as a change to the Methodical Digest. The details may be read in Adobe PDF format by clicking here.

The new Grand Lodge Masonic Herald [Feb 2009 web supplement] is available at

The Table of Contents includes:

  • Black-tie Benefit Gala
  • The Mark Master: Additional Information for the Inquiring Fellowcraft
  • Every Human Being has a Claim Upon Your Kind Offices
  • Take a "Membership" Look In The Mirror at Your Lodge and District
  • Masonic Writing -- How To

The new Grand Lodge Masonic Herald [Apr 2010 web supplement] is available at

Contents include:
  • 2010 Masonic Home Gala--Featuring Illustrious Brother Roy Clark, GC
  • Bring a Friend Workshop in Newport News, Sat 1 May
  • A Study of the Winding Staircase

Brother, let us contemplate the rough ashlar (also called rough hewn ashlar)--a crude stone carved from the earth upon which the Entered Apprentice (EA) would work to an imperfect cube, then to be made "perfect" by the Fellow Craft. This powerful masonic symbol represents the crude mind of man which, with stern contemplation and hard work may be made true for placement in that temple, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Justly, the work of the EA is not easy, nor is truing the rough form of the mind and passions of man. It reminds us that no matter how irregular and rough, with patience, the right tools, and skills we each may be made better. Within each there is the potential for perfection  carving away the vices, imperfections, and irregularities. Indeed, Michelango is quoted

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.

And thus is each mason a work of perfection to strive for, a glimmer of hope for attainment of the goal.  With the help of patient brothers, mentors, upon which to square ourselves and the desire to be more, better, than we are now can we transform to that next state. The rough ashlar is not of great use as is, but when made perfect withstands the weight of the grand temple.

I challenge you, brother, on two measures: take the steps in the Craft to make your self true and ready for when this earthly task is complete and be a mentor, squaring the actions of a new Entered Apprentice.