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Elected and installed on Thursday, December 13th, the Franklin Lodge No. 151 Officers for 2013:

2013 Franklin Lodge No. 151 Officers

Front row (L->R): Chip Talley, Sr. Steward; Joel Bradshaw, Senior Warden; Jim Hart, Worshipful Master; Dwight Hazard, 32nd District Deputy Grand Master; David Drewry, Tiler.

Second row: Ralph Tayloe, Marshal; Steve Thomas, Senior Deacon; L. Welton DeShields, proxy for Joe Carr, Junior Warden; Sterling Johnson, Junior Deacon

Back row: Greg Jackson, Secretary; Andrew Faison, Chaplain

Not pictured: Will Hart, Junior Steward

Starting the New Year Off Correctly

For Secretaries and Worshipful Masters dues hold an annual dual-sided promise:

  • Resources. The annual swell of the coffers to last throughout the year, often a sigh of relief for Lodge purses getting all too thin, especially from fall,holiday,installation and new officer expenses.
  • The Chase. For a very small number of Brothers, the start of a cycle of emails, requests, calls, formal letters, and on rare cases submission for suspension or expulsion. 

As we approach the new year, I stopped to contemplate dues.  That Freemasonry requires dues on its face is nothing different than any other organization: e.g., Ruritan, Lions. Rotary Clubs and professional organizations. The responsibility from a member to the organization, to be split between local and national/state organizations. The baseline financial resources to pay the bills and routine operations. Yet, on a higher level there is more to it. 

  • Personal Responsibility.  One must be a Man of good character before becoming a Mason. Meeting personal obligations, including moral and financial ones, are the foundation of a strong moral temple. 
  • Penalties. While there are often civil penalties, late fees, and interest for failing to meet financial obligations, masonry makes extraordinary outreach to the Mason. Only in perseverent cases relying on suspension and expulsion. Remember your Lodge has paid your capitation by the end of February each year. Delaying is the same as taking a loan from the Lodge for the $38 annual capitation.
  • Special Circumstances.  Life events occur that may man a choice of food, medication, or basic needs or pay dues. For these special circumstances Brothers come to the assistance of their own--often without knowing the name of the recipient. 
  • Charity and Sharing. Charity goes beyond helping with dues. A Worshipful Master or Secretary collecting "for a brother in need" often results in a Mason emptying his wallet for the cause. The once empty hat on the Secretary's desk fills, even without need of a vote of the Lodge. Most Lodges have a sharing fund intended for helping Masons, their families widows and orphans...meeting the intent within our obligation of a sublime degree of a Master Mason.

Many Brothers choose to use Life Membership in Perpetuity, paying 16 year's dues into an annuity which pays the Grand Lodge of Virginia and your Lodge perpetually, as a means to ensure their masonic obligations are paid now and forever.

In summary, if you have the means I urge you to make your first check of the year to be your Masonic dues. Enjoy the new year with a clear conscience. If you are strapped where the dues (generally under $8 per month, varying by Lodge) would force hard choices in life then please have a candid talk with your Secretary, a trusted mentor or friend.

Masonic Herald logo

The Fall 2012 Masonic Herald, the official publication of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, can be reached at
(in Adobe PDF format).

Contents include:

  • Mouth-to-Ear: Bro Ernest Borgnine
  • 234th Grand Annual mCOmmunication (Nov 2012)
  • Biographical Sketch: James Carlton Tennant
  • MW Edmund Jennings Randolph, Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, 1787-1788
  • “Patriotism” Through Faith, Hope, and Charity
  • Putting Masonry into Men Beyond the Ritual
  • Things Really Do Change

Congratulations to Mt. Wor. Louis K. Campbell, the newly installed 168th Grand Master of Masons in Virginia. His 2013 theme:

Masonry's Youth, Masonry's Future .


Masonic Herald logo

The Summer 2012 Masonic Herald, the official publication of the Grand Lodge of
Virginia, can be reached at
(in Adobe PDF format).

Contents include:

  • Presentation to Grand Lecturer (at 32nd District Official Visit)
  • The Lafayette Apron Symbolism
  • A View of Mentorship, Membership and Education
  • Time For A Customer Review
  • Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur
  • Ways to Help Increase Attendance
  • Observing the Craft (book review)

32nd Dist Masonic Leadership

Front (L->R) Wor Andy Bailey (Courtland 85), RW R. Gardner Rollings (32 DDGM), RW John O'Berry (Wakefield 198)
Rear (L->R) Wor Jim Hart (Franklin 151), Wor Andy Spencer (Boykins 287)
Taken 20 Aug 2012 at the Boykins 287 Stated Communications