Franklin Lodge No. 151 joins the family and Franklin community in mourning the loss of

Brother Josiah "Joe" Bynum Gay, III 

on Thursday, 16 Jul 2012. Bro. Gay was a 60-year masonic veteran. His obituary is available here.  

Wor Bobby Cornwell
Franklin Lodge No. 151 mourns the loss of Wor. John Robert "Bobby" Cornwell, III. The 55-year old former Franklin police officer, city treasurer, and Franklin Lodge Master in 2003 entered that house not made with hands on July 28th, 2010.

Bobby's funeral service will be Sunday, August 1st at 7 pm at Wright's Funeral Home on 4th Avenue in Franklin.  Masons will meeting at 6:30 pm.

Additional information is available in his obituary.


Brothers that have laid up their working tools to transfer to the Celestial Lodge Above.,