past master

past master

  • Franklin Lodge No. 151 Past Masters 1856-Current

    * Denotes Living Past Master

    Year Past Master Honorific Living
    Charter Master
    Gillette, Joseph E. Wor  
    1857 Gillette, Joseph E. Wor  
    1858 Gillette, Joseph E. Wor  
    1859 Gillette, Joseph E. Wor  
    1860 Gillette, Joseph E. Wor  
    1861 Gillette, Joseph E. Wor  
    1862 (Records lost in fire)    
    1863 (Records lost in fire)    
    1864 (Records lost in fire)    
    1865 (Records lost in fire)    
    1866 (Records lost in fire)    
    1867 (Records lost in fire)    
    1868 (Records lost in fire)    
    1869 (Records lost in fire) Wor  
    1870 Dillard, James Wor  
    1871 Bogart, James. H. Wor  
    1872 Bogart, James. H. Wor  
    1873 Wills, Irvin C. Wor  
    1874 Wills, Irvin C. Wor  
    1875 Brownley, A. M. RW  
    1876 Cutchen, Joel H. Wor  
    1877 Vaughan, C. C. Wor  
    1878 Vaughan, C. C. Wor  
    1879 Gay, Josiah P. Wor  
    1880 Brownley, A. M. RW  
    1881 Vaughan, C. C. Wor  
    1882 Bryant, J. F. Wor  
    1883 Sebrell, James E. RW  
    1884 Sebrell, James E. RW  
    1885 Sebrell, James E. RW  
    1886 Sebrell, James E. RW  
    1887 Sebrell, James E. RW  
    1888 Sebrell, James E. RW  
    1889 Ricks, Robert A. Wor  
    1890 Ricks, Robert A. Wor  
    1891 Cobb, R. H. Wor  
    1892 Cobb, R. H. Wor  
    1893 Jackson, Jr., J. A. Wor  
    1894 Stephenson, R. H. Wor  
    1895 Dabney, William H. Wor  
    1896 Vaughan, Jr., C. C. Wor  
    1897 Cobb, R. Henry Wor  
    1898 Cobb, R. Henry Wor  
    1899 Howell, I. E. Wor  
    1900 Howell, I. E. Wor  
    1901 Knight, J. R. Wor  
    1902 Bell, C. A. RW  
    1903 Bell, C. A. RW  
    1904 Gary, C. W. Wor  
    1905 Eley, E. M. Wor  
    1906 Cobb, R. H. Wor  
    1907 Cobb, R. H. Wor  
    1908 Bell, C. A. Wor  
    1909 Boyd, J. Robert Wor  
    1910 Boyd, J. Robert Wor  
    1911 Weede, J. A. Wor  
    1912 Weede, J. A. Wor  
    1913 Stephenson, G. T. Wor  
    1914 Stephenson, G. T. Wor  
    1915 Jackson, J. A. Wor  
    1916 Cobb, R. H. Wor  
    1917 Fitzgerald, E. T. Wor  
    1918 Fitzgerald, E. T. Wor  
    1919 Barrett, L. M. Wor  
    1920 Barrett, L. M. Wor  
    1921 McCann, George G. RW  
    1922 Barrett, R. S. Wor  
    1923 McGhee, C. V. Wor  
    1924 Coburn, Harry Wor  
    1925 Pond, Charles E. Wor  
    1926 Ernest, George J. Wor  
    1927 Ernest, George J. Wor  
    1928 Byrd, W. Curtis Wor  
    1929 Story, Beamon Wor  
    1930 Story, Beamon Wor  
    1931 Pace, J. J. Wor  
    1932 Pond, Charles E. Wor  
    1933 Soble, Jonah Wor  
    1934 Sandlin, J. F. Wor  
    1935 Broadus, J. P. Wor  
    1936 Broadus, J. P. Wor  
    1937 Bryant, E. M. RW  
    1938 Bryant, E. M. RW  
    1939 Morgan, Cary C. RW  
    1940 Morgan, Cary C. RW  
    1941 Morgan, Cary C. RW  
    1942 Broadus, J. P. Wor  
    1943 Duffy, William C. Wor  
    1944 Tuck, L. S. Wor  
    1945 Tuck, L. S. Wor  
    1946 Sandlin, Robert E. Wor  
    1947 Atkins, W. Graham Wor  
    1948 Rose, John E. Wor  
    1949 Thorne, S. Henry Wor  
    1950 Steinbach, F. J. Wor  
    1951 Duke, Jr., John F. Wor  
    1952 Stewart, Joseph T. Wor  
    1953 Spivey, Edward F. RW  
    1954 Darden, Jr., Hunter Wor Y
    1955 Doughty, William A. RW  
    1956 Brenner, John L. Wor  
    1957 Rawls, Jr., R. H. Wor  
    1958 Health, Jr., W. L. Wor  
    1959 Allen, R. H. RW  
    1960 Mitchell, Samuel RW  
    1961 Beale, III, W. Wor Y
    1962 Carr, Jr., S. A. Wor  
    1963 Way, J. M. Wor  
    1964 Atkinson, R. B. Wor  
    1965 Critzer, Jr., H. L. Wor  
    1966 Council, D. C. Wor  
    1967 McMurtrey, R. W. Wor  
    1968 Fowler, H. M. Wor  
    1969 Rideout, D. T. Wor  
    1970 Gillette, J. E. Wor  
    1971 Griffin, N. W. Wor  
    1972 Holland, III, W. J. M. Wor Y
    1973 Butler, Jr., Samuel. O. RW Y
    1974 Whitley, Gerald. E. RW Y
    1975 Bowman, Richard G. RW Y
    1976 Elks, Gerald Mack RW Y
    1977 Wade, D. E. Wor Y
    1978 Joyner, Jr., S. L. Wor Y
    1979 Allmond, III, W. E. RW Y
    1980 Marks, W. E. Wor  
    1981 Heeren, R. D. RW  
    1982 Gray, R. A. Wor Y
    1983 Powers, L. R. Wor  
    1984 Cobb, Shelton Wor  
    1985 Cobb, Shelton Wor  
    1986 Cobb, J. G. Wor  
    1987 Elks, Gerald L. Wor  
    1988 Elks, Gerald L. Wor  
    1989 Kitchen, H. Richard RW  
    1990 Lane, B. Anthony RW Y
    1991 Blythe, D. K. Wor  
    1992 Lane, B. Anthony RW Y
    1993 Tayloe, Ralph P. RW Y
    1994 Kitchen, H. R.    
    1995 Branch, William M. Wor  
    1996 Gray, Melvin V. Wor  
    1997 Tawney, Richard. L. RW  
    1998 Jackson, Gregory. A. RW Y
    1999 Branch, J. C. Wor Y
    2000 Branch, J. C. Wor Y
    2001 Brown, III, Charles. H. Wor Y
    2002 Worrell, Jr., W. F. Wor Y
    2003 Cornwell, III, J. Robert Wor  
    2004 Gay, Kenneth W. Wor Y
    2005 Gay, Kenneth W. Wor Y
    2006 Allmond, III, William E. RW Y
    2007 Jackson, Gregory A. RW Y
    2008 Jackson, Gregory A. RW Y
    2009 Insull, Kevin V. Wor Y
    2010 Deshields, L. Welton Wor Y
    2011 Morris, Richard Wor Y
    2012 Hart, Sr., James W. Wor Y
    2013 Hart, Sr., James W. Wor Y
    2014 Bradshaw, III, Joel C. RW Y
    2015 Carr, Joesph W Wor Y
    2016 Johnson, Sterling W. Wor Y
    2017 Johnson, Sterling W. Wor Y
    2018 Talley, Latane Wor Y
    2019 Oman, Zachary Wor Y
    2020 Bishop, Michael Wor Y


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